Our Approach

A-Prolog will explore and analyze the bottle necks in your organization and make a plan/ advice how to solve the bottle neck incl. timeline.

A-Prolog is in contacted with more than 80 senior interim managers (50+ age) and 100 engineers of all disciplines.

So A-Prolog can manage the whole spectrum of your organization.

A-Prolog is pro-active towards potential customers with advice or be re-active when customers contact A-Prolog.

Our approach is professional with a personal touch as you always get your own contact person.

Together with the customer A-Prolog will decide how long the interim manager is needed.

Our Rates

A-Prolog rates are more than competitive in compared with distinguished companies with the same high quality and service.

On average A-Prolog rates are 20% less than their competitor with the same service and high standard quality.


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