Containment situation and isolate problem area

Analyse situation

Stop compliance and claims - Appoint one person for all communication

Set up recovery plan incl. hard targets and milestones (€ en fte) to solve the situation

Create a timeline for recovery plan

Put an organisation and team in place to execute plan

Set up communication and report structure to show the origanisation the progress

Create moments of evaluation te see if recovery plan must be adjusted

Training staff on the hand off toolboxes (new procedures and process)

Set up KPI's to monitor process and procedures on daly and weekly bases (€ and FTE)

Make sure that daily operations is running according new set up

  • Production
  • Administration
  • Transport
  • Inventory
  • Purchase
  • Warehouse
  • Quality

Transfer the new organisation back to regular managers

Suport regular managers in the new situation and assist them is needed


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