Main expertise

General managment

Leading a complete restructure of organisation, operation and customer service department side EXEL Schiphol

Safe plant and machinery, and safe movement, storage and use of articles and substances

Reporting to shareholders board on organizational plans and performance

Managing health and safety, security, and emergency systems, capabilities and staff and customer awareness, according to company policy and

Liaising with external agencies and authorities as necessary (advertising, PR, recruitment, training, fire services, police, local council, health and safety inspectors, etc)

Directing functions and performance via the executive team, maintaining and developing organizational culture, values and reputation in its markets and with all staff, customers, suppliers, partners and regulatory/official bodies

Handling various international logistics contracts


Handling processes involved in a supply chain and coordinating with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers

Managing Bonded and non bonded warehousing, with customer license Entrepo 'E' and reporting SLAs on progress of customers to senior management.

Managing costs and overheads, and all factors affecting the profitable performance

Monitoring business - 24 hours / 7 days a week with more than 300 employees with a fixed contracts

Performing in numerous areas of Warehousing, Transport, Assembling, Production and Value add activities and all KPIs

Monitoring technical service departments and value add activities

Looking after the Inventory, VMI and Packaging

Measuring performance in the areas of customer services, warehouse, transport, production and operations as well as Handling operations with more than 500 employees (fixed and temporary contract)

Return Logistics

Setting up a EMEA return logistic process for High Tech customers as Seagate/Maxtor, Nokia

First line control for return inspection for Mobile phones for Motorola and Nokia

Setting up a warranty control and administration process


Setting up production lines in the high tech branch, FMCG and HCCD

Production Planning and call off's from vendor and suppliers.

Thru put time improvement and set up time reductions.

Reduction raw material stock and finished products.


Set up complete new warehouses from drawing table till full 3 months operations.

Managing daily operation for a 24/ 7 days a week operation in the high tech branch with more 350 fte.

Re-engineering warehouse and organisation

Setting up processes and procedures incl KPI's

Starting improvement programmes and productivity improvements


Stock counting, daily and periodic

Leading a inventory team

Stock reconsolidation

Stock reduction


Purchasing transport rates EMEA

Purchasing bulk materials

Purchasing raw materials for the food and high tech branches. High volume.

Price negotiation, lead times , quality checks and terms with vendor

Purchasing package materials for all kind of branches

3PL controlling

Own and develop monthly reporting on LSP performance.

Seek structural improvements in processes.

Maintain excellent relationship with LSP and actively review periodically.

Develop and maintain department SOP's on LSP managment.

Regular performance and business reviews with logistics service providers, escalations, reporting and improvements.


Managing transport departments with more than 100 trailers a day and outbound operation of > 200 trailers

Setting up a Transport network over Europe (vendor and end products to hubs/ production sites)

Performing inbound operation of > 30.000 containers and 10.000 containers outgoing annually

Managing transport departments (import/ export) from more than 30 employees

Managing transport vehicles as cars, trucks, trailers, and small van's, drivers, city distribution and rolling equipment


Setting up new warehouse incl. internal equipement.

Implementation ERP, TMS and other software systems.

Implementation cross dock operation and merge several operations into one.

Setting up a production department incl. production lines.

Outsourcing and in sourcing of operations, like transport, warehousing, administration.

Change management

Changing a transport department incl. direct costing structure.

Setting up a new customer service department.

Implementation Toolboxes for healt, safty and environment.

Implementation SAP, Manhattan, Red Prairie and other software packets.

Changing processes and procedure in logistics and production environments.

Changing mentality and atmosphere in organisations.

IT Implementation

Implementation SAP, Manhattan, Red Prairie and other software packets

Project leader by implementations and super user for soft ware packets

UAT testing for different soft ware packets as SAP, Chainware, Quality systems and others.

Negotiation with soft ware suppliers about prices and service and implementation times

Screen new soft ware packets for the organization and advice them which packet must be taken looking at functionality and price

Customer service

Setting up customer service department incl KPI's

Managing day to day activities on CS department with more than > 40 fte.

Handling Claims and Rates

Changing CS department from general to focus teams

Responsible for Administration, Claims, Order intake, transport planning, track and trace, invoicing, export documents, stock control

Presentations to customers about performance. (Senior managment)


Running a administration / Customer Service Department (>50 Fte)

Responsible for L/C and export documents

Responsible for invoicing and general administration incl. archiving


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