Historical background

A-Prolog is found by Ton van der Zande (TvdZ).

He made is footprints by international logistics and production companies in different branches with different management styles.

He is active in Automotive, Chemical, Food, Retail, Medical, High Tech, Production, Paper, Transport, FMCG , HACCP and Coating.

TvdZ has been active for more than 25 years as; site manager, project manager, supply chain manager, B.U. Manager, production planner, improvement manager, operations manager, purchaser and production.

From 2008 he became interim manager and consultant for his own company A-Prolog; some clients are BOML- Pakistan, Michael Page, Heinz, Mondi Belcoat.

TvdZ stands for:

  • a dynamic professional with extensive experience in Logistics, Production, Operations Management and Process Improvement.
  • An interim manager with endless energy, who is not affright to make his hand dirty and with a hands on mentality.
  • A strong bridge builder with a direct communication attitude.
  • A created problem solver.
  • Strength is its broad scope and depth of logistic and production knowledge.
  • Planning and directing the organization’s activities to achieve stated/agreed targets and standards for financial and trading performance, quality, culture and legislative adherence.
  • Adept at Planning, reporting on sales, costs and business performance, according to company requirements.
  • Sound knowledge of supply chain, Production, financial controls and P& L.
  • Dealt with high tech, retail, chemicals, automotive, food, textile, Paper, Coating and liquor industries in operational logistics.
  • Strong analytical and quantitative methods for enhancing supply chain processes.
  • Dealt with prestigious clients such as Maxtor/Seagate, Hitachi, Agilent, ATI, Honeywell, Apple, Dell, Samsung Electronics, Nokia and Technical Service Departments.
  • Skilled in VMI, Purchase, Material Management and MPR systems.
  • Worked with “High Tech” customers and retailers, max 200.000 m2 stores.
  • Building up good and solid relationship with the customers, like Maxtor/Seagate, Dell and ATI.
  • Project management for clients as Adidas, Pirelli, Samsung Electronics, Dell, Johnson Control and Maxtor/Seagate.
  • Set up full automatic, semi automatic, full conveyer belt and conventional distribution centrums.
  • Expert at setting up production departments and production lines, as leading complex specialist projects groups.


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