Ton joined our planning and logistic department in a very hectic period, right after a full scale SAP implementation, when several ways of working were still unclear and the system was still showing bugs. We hired him to help us out with operational work, because we needed somebody that was able to stay cool under these circumstances and would not give up.

Ton helped us to survive this start up period and put some structure into the ordering process, also giving us advise to reorganize some processes and to (re-)build some others, e.g. stock reduction methods. Ton stayed always calm, even under pressure and learned our business in a very short time. Ton can be of assistance in operational jobs where you require a higher profile, stability and a building up new ways of working but also in a steering function to lead a team to new ways of working. He is always in a good mood and is constructive in difficult circumstances.

Ton worked at the Exel Schiphol facility to get the Maxtor HDD kitting program implemented in Europe. Ton is the person with endless energy who never stops to support the interests of his customer. He is very knowledgeable in motivating his team members to achieve all goals within the schedule, with high quality level and within the budgets agreed.

The implementation of the program was perfect and when we had to produce 250% what was scheduled we still did meet the customer requirements. The customers liked him because he would always a chive the goals and targets set by the customer."

I have worked together with Ton when he was responsible for the logistics operations at Mondi. Even it was a temporary function; Ton has proven his experience in this logistical world. (Paper, Coating and Extrusion)

The cooperation was very good and based on the mutual confidence and with the goal to build up a partnership in order that everyone looks into the same direction. He fully succeeded in this.

1) I had worked withTon during my time in the European Distribution Business in Netherlands, I found Ton to be very approachable and was always helpful especially during some high volume demanding quarters in which we had te meet various custuomers and carrier demands form our warehouse succesfully. He was always leading by complicating projects and solving problems. He is the kind of leader that you want at your side by launches of large scale projects. Derek Nolan, International Launch manager at Syncreon for Dell programs.

2) Ton hired me in 2003 for a admin position in Walsh Western. From day 1 working with Ton has been a pleasure!
Two years later Ton has given me the opportunity to start as a international transport planner - without having the knowlegde or experience at the time. Ton has gave me the conidence to go for the challenge, for that I ma still gratefull.
I centainly hope te have the chance te work together with Ton again in the futute.
Manager Customers Service (inbound planning, Transfers, NPI and Vendor Admin) at Syncreon Technology.

We appointed Ton to bring structure and professionalism to a real problem area of Supply Chain in our business in Nl. Ton is driven and very enthusiastic with solid depth and breath of knowledge of Suply Chain which has been invaluable to other parts of the bussiness. He leads by example and is exacting in his requirements - a real asset!

I know Ton as very driven and enthusiastic, professional manager.
Ton sets targets very clearly and knows to manage a logistic processes, when meanwhile looking after the safety of all his personnel.
Rob Cromvoets.


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